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New Series: Crafty Christmas

Seasonal pencils - a really affordable yet personal gift

Welcome to the new MyAdvent blog! Here we will keep you updated on everything that is happening over at MyAdvent, including the release of the 2017 MyAdvent App. Plus we have some very exciting projects coming your way this winter season, one of them starting right now :heart: :smile:

If you are anything like us, first of December comes around the corner and you are completely oblivious of it- every year: Wait, wasn’t it just Halloween the other day? Yeah, well…been there.
But most terrifyingly December is in full swing before you know it and you are totally unprepared for the gifiting season with its Secret Santa-Parties popping up literally everywhere, from your work-place to your gym-class to your close friends circle. Ok, so you need something small, that is not going to break the bank, but is yet original? I’d say it’s time for Crafty Christmas…

Crafty Christmas is a series here on the MyAdvent-Blog that starts well in advance of Christmas to show you how you can use the MyAdvent calendars to help other people get creative during the holiday season - day by day (to spare them the Secret Santa disaster). Our first entry in our DIY-MyAdvent calender certainly is very much on the affordable side.
Now I know,…DIY, really? You might think, I am neither exceptionally artistic, nor do I have loads of time on my hands. We feel you. Here you will only find quick and easy DIYs, that anyone can do.

Today we are going to show you how you can make those super cute, seasonal pencils (stationary addicts will LOVE them).

You need:

  • Washi-Tapes (find winter/Christmas motifs, we got ours at a pound store).
  • Pencils (you can use any pencils you got given for free by companies or you can just by some cheap ones).

Now let’s get started. All you have to do is decide which Washi-Tape you want to use (we tried to go with a wintery theme of white, gold and stars but feel free to go all out and find Washi-Tapes with bells, Santa Claus and Rudolph on it, if you like). Take your tape of choice and wrap it around the pencil, starting from the bottom and bringing it all up to the top (make sure you wrap it round tightly to avoid any creases).

This literally will be done in a minute. Now do as many as you like, find patterns and motifs that go together to create a very cute and personalised gift.

Our Rudolphs love the pencils.

Find some ribbon to tie around the stack of pencils you have just created or put them in the advent calendar and you are done! :)

That was easy, right? We’d love to see how your seasonal pencils turn out! Tweet them to us using the hashtags #myadvent and #craftychristmas or link us your Crafty-Christmas MyAdvent calendar below.
Happy crafting!