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Crafty Christmas: Easy Diy Wall Decor

Embroidery wall decor

Behind the second door of our Crafty-Christmas Calendar: embroidery wall decor.If you are looking for an easy do-it-yourself project to make your home feel a lot more like Christmas, this might be for you!

Even though we will be using embroidery hoops for this creative project, don’t worry you don’t actually have to know how to embroider. We will need the hoops to function as little frames to showcase your favourite Christmas fabrics. Let’s get started.

You need:

  • Embroidery hoops (look for cheap ones on I would recommend choosing different sizes: different patterns will work best with a certain sized hoop. Personally I would go for the wooden hoops as they will compliment any pattern and fabric you choose.
  • Fabric scissors
  • And most importantly: a selection of fabric to put in your hoop.

Now you will just have to choose which fabric goes into which hoop: small patterns, like stars or snowflakes, work well with the bigger hoops.

Once you decided on the fabric or pattern you want to use, take your scissor and cut out a generous part of fabric: make sure you leave a large enough margin. Now you have to open the hoop. Take the outer hoop and the inner hoop apart and place the fabric between them.

Make sure your fabric sits evenly in the hoop (you might have to iron the fabric before use) and is well streched. Then you can start cutting around the edges to get rid of the excess. Close the hoop and you are done.

For some extra Christmas feeling add some fairylights around the hoops!

Look, how beautiful these turned out! Please, let us know if you try any of your Crafty-Christmas-diys and show them to us on our Facebook-Page. What are your favourite Christmas diys?

Happy crafting!